September is the New Year

Embracing September As The True New Year’s

Embracing September As The True New Year

In the northern hemisphere, as the warmth of summer begins to fade and the leaves start to show their vibrant autumn hues, a sense of anticipation and transformation fills the air. 

While January traditionally claims the title of the new year, and I think in the southern hemisphere February’s back to school is pretty close, there's a strong case up here, to be made for September as the true New Year’s. Today we are going to dive into why September holds the promise of a fresh start into a creative new year.

 Beautiful trees in Autumn

1. Nature's Transformation

September shows off the season of change. As summer wraps up, the leaves transform from vibrant green to hues of red, orange, and gold, painting a beautiful transformation. This natural cycle mirrors our personal journey of shedding the old to make space for the new, aligning perfectly with the concept of a new year.

 Orange and yellow leaves

2. From Summer Leisure to Creative Pursuits

For many, September signifies a shift from leisurely summer days to the structure of learning or work. Just as students start the school year, creatives can see September as an opportunity to plan and start on new creative journeys.


3. Transition to Cooler and Creative Work Environments

Autumn allows for a reset in our work routines. With vacations coming to an end, creatives and students both can reestablish their daily routines. It’s a magical time with a renewed energy to tackle projects and goals. In September, the cool air invites us to be okay working indoors, or on the back deck, where we can dedicate ourselves to projects without the distractions of the summer outdoor activities. The allure of cozy sweaters and warm tea creates an atmosphere that encourages us to fully immerse ourselves in our creative work.

 Desk, back to work

4. Abundant Harvest and Setting Goals

Well isn’t harvest the perfect time to set new goals?!? Much like the farmer’s harvest of abundance, setting new goals now allows us to reflect on what went well with our creative achievements and make plans for the new year and new beginnings.

A vegetable harvest


As the crisp autumn breeze comes, let us embrace September as a time or reflecting and planning. Whether you're a creative preparing for another magical year, or you’re seeking renewal, September offers a perfect reminder that now is a chance to start on a new journey. Just as nature drops its old leaves to make way for new growth, we too can let go of the past and welcome the potential that September brings.

Happy New Year’s if you’re celebrating this time of year with me!


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