5bReasons To Boost Your Creative Business With Pinterest

5 Reasons To Boost Your Visibility With Pinterest

5 Reasons To Boost Your Visibility with Pinterest

Pinterest is the best free way I have found to boost my visibilty and get people going to my blog and website. We will dive into the reasons why you as a creative business owner might want to consider leveraging Pinterest to boost your visibility and attract a stream of quality traffic and customers to your website.


1. Show Off Images Of Your Products Or Blog Posts

Pinterest is a highly visual search engine, offering you a unique opportunity to show off your products and Blog Posts with captivating images. I make mine in Canva, there are lots of easy to use templates there. These visuals not only engage people but encourage them to explore your website. Think of searching  all the pretty quilts!

An example of a pretty Pinterest pin


2. Boost Your Visibility

Pinterest is a great place to get more eyes on your content - your blog posts and products. By pinning your blog posts, articles, and other valuable content, you open a door to more people seeing it. Each pin serves as a potential path to your website, driving people directly to your content.

 Boost your content on pinterest

3. Search Engine Boost With Keywords

Pinterest is a visual search engine platform, and using words - called keywords, that people are searching for, in your pins and descriptions can boost your visibility. By using keywords that people are looking for you draw in people who are actively seeking your products or blog content in your business niche.


4. Tap Into Plans

People on Pinterest often have specific plans, whether it's making a black and white quilt, sewing a dog bandana, or finding the best thread. When your content aligns with these plans, you attract people who are more likely to convert into customers.

Dog banana Pinterest example 

5. Pins Have Longevity

This is the best one! Unlike many social media posts that have a short lifespan, pins on Pinterest last for years. A pin can continue to drive traffic to your website for months or even years. This means a little effort can equal big rewards!

So here you have it, if you’re looking for a free way to boost your products, blog content, and website I think you’re considering the right approach. It’s fun to create pretty pins in Canva and even more fun that they get you seen and keep driving traffic to your website now and for a long time. 

If you’re interested in Pinterest but would like someone else to set it up, make, and schedule your pins, I can help you. Click the link below to learn more about Pinterest Helper.


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