Top 10 Must Haves To Start Modern Quilting

Top 10 Must Haves To Start Modern Quilting

Top 10 Must Haves To Start Modern Quilting

Welcome to the world of quilting!

Modern quilting is an updated version of the traditional quilting art form, taking inspiration from contemporary trends. If you're looking to start modern quilting, there are certain must-haves you'll need to get started. From fabrics to cutting tools, here are the top 10 must-haves for starting your own modern quilting project. With these items in hand, you'll be able to start creating stunning quilts right away.


What Is Modern Quilting?

Modern quilting is a style of quilting that may use curves, geometric shapes and/or repeating patterns to create unique designs. It often includes bold colors or muted colors, and can also include traditional quilt patterns and techniques. Modern-Traditional, the modern take on traditional blocks. That can be as simple as using geometrical fabric in a traditional block, a modern color combination, or lots of light or dark negative space.  Many modern quilts contain negative space, which gives the design an added visual interest. Modern quilting is an exciting way to express creativity through fabric and color.

Even traditional patchwork, think just uniform squares or triangles, can look very modern with some bold, geometric, and even scrapy fabric.


Enjoyable For All Ages

Modern quilting is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding hobby for people of all ages. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also offers a way to relax and express creativity in a tangible form. With modern quilting, the possibilities are endless - from simple blocks to more intricate patterns and designs. You can choose colors, fabrics, and stitches to create unique pieces that they can be proud of. Modern quilting can be done on fabric panels or pre-cut pieces of fabric.


The 10 Must Haves For A New Quilter

Here are the 10 things you need if just starting to quilt:

#1. Sewing Machine

Oh yes, the fun part. I do recommend going to a quilt shop and trying out machines to see which you like. If not online shops will have reviews. I have a Pfaff Expressions 2036. I've had it for 15 years and it's a wonderful machine.

 Phaff Sewing Machine

#2. Fabric

Quilting Cotton, this is what you want when starting out, a good quality quilting cotton. If you can't find a quilting shop in your area there are many online fabric retailers. If you use Spoonflower you'll want to order petal signature cotton.


#3 Rotary Cutting Set

You'll need a rotary cutter , a clear acrylic ruler with a suction cup handle, and a self-healing cutting mat.

  • My rotary cutter is by Fiskars.
  • I have Omnigrip and Creative Grids rulers. You may want a couple of rulers and will collect more as you go. I recommend a 8 1/2" x 24" to start with. The suction cup ruler grip prevents cutting your fingers and prevents your wrist from getting sore.
  • A big self healing mat is ideal, 24" x 36".

Rotary Cutter, mat, and,ruler

#4 Pins Or Clips

Pins or clips either is fine to use. Pins are nice to get in close and clips are nice if your use starch.

 Pins and Clips

#5 Thread And Needles

Go for good quality here. I like the Konfetti and Sulky verigated thread and I have friends that like Aurafil.

The needles I have are Schmetz assorted.


#6 Scissors

Have a special pair that are labelled Fabric, so that everyone knows not to use them on paper. You'll want to keep them nice and sharp.


#7. Iron & Ironing Board

Yep pretty straight forward and a must have. The ironing board could be substituted for a wool ironing mat.

 Iron and ironing board

#8. Marking Pens  

I like the Frixion pens. Be warned though to just use it where it won't show because they can slightly discolor the fabric. There are fabric pens too. This one pictured is air erasable and wash-out.

 Marking Pens

#9. Quilt Pattern

Just make sure that the pattern is for beginners, for your first one.


#10. Batting And Backing Fabric

I use Hobbs batting and Warm and Natural batting.

For backing fabric I often will buy a new flat sheet and use that. I am wanting to make myself one with minky backing for the winter time.


Now You're All Set

Collecting the right supplies is essential when beginning to quilt. Having these supplies ready ensures that you are prepared to start your first quilt. Also having quality supplies can ensure that your finished product is of the highest quality possible. You are well on your way to quilting your first modern quilt.


For More Help To Get You Started

Here is the link for my Skillshare Class, Sewing For Beginners: The Foundations For Sewing Projects:

I will have some Quilting How To Videos coming out soon.

Here is the link to my Beginner Quilt Class waitlist at the bottom of the page:


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