A Different Way To Store Fabric

A Different Way To Store Fabric

If you're like me, you may avoid starting a project until you have extra time to iron all your fabric. 

Or when I bring new fabric home, I'll wash and iron it then hang it over the stairwell rail, so I won’t have to iron it before I started a project.  But really eventually all the fabric needs to be put away.

A Better Solution

3 rolls of fabric

Rolled Fabric

No ironing!  Or if they’re really wide pieces, one fold to iron if you use that big of a piece at one time.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper rolls - Various sizes
  • Bins - Skip if laying on shelves
  • Fabric


Wrapping paper rolls work great. If you're like me, you don't have any or very few.  A quick Facebook shout out or ask friends and family and you should come up with a little collection. Or maybe you have a great idea where to find some thicker rolls. Paper towel rolls work great for strips. Don't be afraid to cut the rolls down to the sizes you need.


Yes you'll need a bin (or 10!) to hold your fabric. It depends on what fabric you plan to purchase and your sewing goals for the next while.


Whenever I bring home, or open delivered fabric packages, I gush over the fabric for a few minutes then toss it into the washer and dryer.

Tip: If it has reds in it, I put the fabric into a bowl of vinegar and water to take out any extra dyes and set it. I also have a bottle of retayne that was recommended to me to stop the bleed but I haven't tried it yet.

Check your care instructions for your fabric type.
If the fabric is cotton it gets washed and goes straight into the dryer. If the fabric is synthetic, skip the dryer.  After, I give the cotton a good press. If it's in synthetic or wrinkle resistant fabric, skip the pressing, we don’t want it to melt.

We Are Ready To Roll

Now simply lay your fabric out wrong side up and roll away. If it's slippery or not a really long piece, a piece of painter's tape will keep it in place on the roll.
Get your fabric all rolled up and you can leave it as is or use a fastener.  
Good fasteners are:

  • a leftover fabric strips.
  • an elastic tie.
  • a pin.
  • a clip.
  • those plastic strips, for wrapping paper, that cling to themselves. 

Storing rolls

Always store your fabric out of direct sunlight. We don't want any fading before we use it!  In a closet or any room without direct sunlight will do. I totally understand if you want to admire your fabric and have it out.

Now you're ready to roll on your next sewing project. Be sure to tag me on Instagram https://Instagram.com/josimpsondesign or #josimpsondesign and show us how your rolls and bins turned out!

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