Sewing for beginners class

Sewing For Beginners: The Foundations For Sewing Projects

I’m very pleased to announce the first of many sewing classes.

Sewing for beginners class

How This Class Came To Be

It started with friends asking me If I’d “teach them how to sew?”. Also comments of “I’d love to learn how to make a quilt”. 

Of course I would love to teach you how to sew and share everything I know. This makes me so, so happy. 

What You Can Expect

This class is just the beginning. We talk about machine set up, to how to sew two pieces of fabric together. 
Learning to sew

The class just came out last week and I’m delight to see there are already 24 students learning to sew. And a huge thank you to the two students that gave reviews of Exceeded Expectations.

Where to Check It Out

On Skillshare, Sewing For Beginners

 Jo holding fabric sewn together

I hope to see you there and feel free to send this to anyone that you know that would love to learn to sew.💕

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