Quilt Size Chart

Quilt Size Chart

Quilt Sizes Chart

Jo holding Quilt Sizes Chart

What Size Is A Good Size For A Quilt?

Are you looking to make a cozy new quilt? Well, before you start choosing fabrics and patterns, there's an important question to consider - What size should your quilt be? Sure you could just choose a size and figure out where it fits later or you could use this Quilt Sizes Chart and get the right size that you're looking for. Making your living room, bed, or crib look amazing in the space.

I’d like to make it easy for you. Just follow this handy chart and you will have a perfectly sized quilt to fit any space. 


Printable Quilt Sizes Chart

Click below to print out this Quilt Sizes Chart pdf. Then you can have it somewhere handy for whenever you are making a quilt. I'm going to laminate mine as well, and hang it beside my computer so it's handy for every time I design a new quilt. 


Quilt Sizes Chart


Laminate Your Chart

It’s always nice to have something important laminated. See below for link to the GBC laminator like mine, the page carrier, and laminating pouches if you’re looking for these.


LaminatorGBC Laminator


Laminating Pouches


Laminating CarriersLaminating Carriers 

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Why Square Quilts?

While making my bed the other day I was thinking how nice it would be if my quilt was square then I could throw it on my bed any which way. Any side could be the top. If your fabric is non-directional in your quilt, it will work. And isn't it nice if you're sharing a bed and quilt to have a little extra on the sides!

Happy Quilting,

Jo Simpson

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Is there a way to download your chart without using flodesk? It didn’t work for me.


Is there a way to download your chart without using flodesk? It didn’t work for me.


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