How To Sew Pup Bandanas

How To Sew Pup Bandanas

Well I couldn’t resist whipping up some of these cute bandanas from my How To Sew Pup Bandanas class for Hallowe’en.

Puppies with Halloween bandanas 

Inspired by the How To Sew Pup Bandanas Class and Hallowe’en

First I needed some cute Halloween fabric so I made up some quick super simple motifs - a bat, pumpkin, two ghosts, lollipop, stars, leaf and a spiderweb in Procreate.
Next they went into Adobe Illustrator where I colored them in and made them into a repeat pattern. Of course I had to make them in two different colors.

Pink purple Halloween fabric

Ordering Fabric

The next step was uploading the design into Spoonflower. Super easy, right?

Sewing Time!

In two weeks it arrived, definitely a week or so earlier than I expected.

Then last night, October 30th the fabric finally got made into the two matching bandanas for Rex and Roo. It ended up being too cold for them so they had on their winter jackets instead. Oh well! Now I’m thinking I might need to make them some cute jackets. 

Dog in bandannas, how to sew bandanas

 What do you think? Do they or some other dogs need some Christmas ones for a cute Christmas photo?

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