Fun And Whimsical Quilt Applique For Beginners

How To Make Quilt Applique Fun And Whimsical For Beginners

How To Make Quilt Applique Fun And Whimsical For Beginners

By Sondrasa of Art Quilts by Design

 Fun and Whimsical Quilt Applique For Beginners, by Sondrasa of Art Quilts By Design


Quilt Applique

When it comes to quilting, many quilters start with basic patterns and designs. Applique, however, can be a great way to add some fun and whimsy to your quilt. Not only can it add visual interest, but it can also make your quilt stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, these tips will help you make your quilt applique fun and whimsical.


1. Choose Your Fabric For Quilt Applique

First, choose your fabric. When it comes to applique, the sky is the limit. From traditional fabrics to bold and vibrant prints, there’s no wrong choice. Pick out fabric that matches your quilt’s theme or choose something completely different. This is your chance to be creative and have fun with it.

 Beautiful Fabric Pull


2. Decide The Shape You Want Your Quilt Applique To Take

Next, decide what shape you want your applique to take. You can use pre-cut shapes, such as circles, squares, and stars, or you can create your own unique shapes. A great way to make your quilt applique stand out is to add a bit of whimsy. Think of your favorite animals, characters, or objects and make them into applique shapes. Your shapes do not have to be perfect! When you draw your shapes out, don’t fret about having every line perfect, this is a craft and should reflect your personality and “hand”.

 Applique mermaid with fish


3. Attaching Appilque

When it comes to attaching the applique to your quilt, think small. Use a narrow zigzag stitch or a tiny blanket stitch to attach the applique to the fabric. This will give your quilt a professional look and will ensure the applique stays in place. Your stitches can also influence the style of quilt you’re making. Using a larger blanket stitch with thicker thread, for example, will give your quilt a prim look. Where small whip stitches used on needle turn applique will give you a traditional applique finish.

 a white, smiling cat behind a mug of hot chocolate


4. Have Fun

Finally, have fun with the details. A few strategically placed beads, sequins, or embroidery stitches can take your applique from ordinary to extraordinary. You can also use fabric markers to add a bit of color and texture to your applique.

 A close up of decorative green, red and yellow hand stitching


As you can see, there are many ways to make quilt applique fun and whimsical. With a bit of creativity and a few simple supplies, you can take your quilt from ordinary to extraordinary. So, grab your fabric, choose your shape, and get creative!

 Maternal Nature, a girl with plants in the background, machine applique and stitching.


Meet Sondrasa

Sondrasa is the Owner and Creative Guru for Art Quilts by Design.

AQD is the product of creativity and passion with a dash of serendipity. Originally born and raised in Southern California, Sondrasa attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where she studied with a dual concentration in Ceramics and Woodworking.

Now with a family of her own in mile high, Denver, Colorado, quilting has been the perfect palate for her creativity. 

When not designing and nerding out over fabric, you'll find her live streaming on Twitch where she creates sewing and gaming content.

 Meet the Artist, Sondrasa of Art Quilts By Design


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