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Consistency: 10 Ways To Create Your Best Work

Consistency: 10 Ways To Create Your Best Work

Do you ever struggle to create your best work and stay consistent with your projects? If you ever feel like you’re fluttering from project to project like a butterfly that had too much coffee, getting distracted by shiny objects, or endless social media feeds then let’s check out some of these ways to get focused and set yourself up to create your best work.

Here are 10 ways to help you stay consistent and create your best work:


1. Establish A Routine

If you have the majority of the day to create then set aside a regular time each weekday to work on your creative projects. This will help you get into the habit of working consistently and make it easier to stay focused.

If you have a full time job or full time commitments figure out your times each week when you can do your creative work.


2. Eliminate Distractions

Identify the things that distract you and eliminate them as much as possible. This could mean:

  • Turn off your phone (if you have kids, or others and are always on call, flip your phone over and out of reach).

  • Keep all the other tabs closed on your computer, including email.

  • Let your friends and family know your work times.

  • Schedule meeting and visit at the end of your workday or after a good work block.

  • Have someone help with the kids.
  • Take your pooch for an early walk so they have a good snooze.

Cute puppy distractions from doing your best work


3. Get All The Ideas Out Of Your Head

Lisa Jacobs has a great system that I implement, OCNN Open, Closed, New, Not Now. It’s a fabulous system to organize all your genius ideas and get focused. I recommend checking it out. 


4. Set Goals

Create specific, measurable goals for yourself and track your progress. The book Start Finishing by Charlie Gilkey is a fantastic read for figuring out your most important projects and goals.

When writing blog posts, or doing podcasts, how much can you manage? 1 a month, 1 a week, 1 every other week. What is your capacity with the time you have available for it? That is where you should set your realistic goal. You don’t want your goals stressing you out.

 Goal Planning Sheets


5. Break Projects And Goals Into Smaller Tasks

Large projects can feel overwhelming, so break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. It’s always fun to check off tasks completed and keeps your momentum going.


6. Use A Planner

Just like we set alarms to remember things, use a planner to remember tasks and plans. Use a planner or calendar to schedule your creative time and deadlines. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you're making progress towards your goals. If you don’t use a planner consistently here are some tips:

  • Choose a planner that you like. Pretty counts here.

  • Make sure the planner is big enough to use at home, or small enough to go in your bag.

  • Keep your planner where you see it.

  • Plan out your week in your planner every Sunday evening.

  • Figure out a time where you like to use it, or check in. I like to review my plans for the day after my morning routine and before I start everything else.

 The planner I use for consistency and my best work


7. Stickers!

Yep, that’s right I love to add little motivational stickers into my paper planner. It brings a little inspirational joy to the work day. 

Inspirational stickers to create my best work consistently

8. Celebrate Your Successes

Finally, celebrate your successes and accomplishments, even if it’s a big bold checkmark with a smile. Acknowledge the progress you've made and give yourself credit for your hard work. This will help you stay motivated and inspired to continue creating.


9. Find A Creative Buddy

Meet up regularly (Zoom is great for this) with a creative buddy, or group that will keep you accountable, motivated, and inspired to create.


10. Give Yourself Grace

This one is most important. Are you over scheduling yourself? It happens, making guilt-free time to relax can be one of the best things to renew your creativity. 

Whenever I start to feel stressed about my schedule I rewrite it and give myself some breathing room and sometimes bump a project to the next month or scrap a project altogether. Do whatever you need to feel good about your schedule and projects.

When your day doesn’t go as planned, if it’s in your control figure out what you need to change for tomorrow. If it’s out of your control understand life happens and plan a new time for what didn’t get done. It’s all okay.

Grace with consistency and doing your best work


Remember, staying consistent doesn't have to be a chore or a bore. With a little creativity and a lot of fun, you can keep your artistic flow going and produce your best work yet. Whether you're deciding what to start on, or have all the great ideas in your head, these 10 ways will help you stay on track and achieve your creative goals. So keep on creating, stay consistent, and never forget to give yourself grace!


Until next time,

Jo Simpson


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