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9 Blog Writing Tips For Creatives

9 Blog Writing Tips For Creatives

Hello, fellow creatives! Writing a blog post can be tricky especially when you want to showcase your creativity while getting your readers engaged in your writing. However, with a few tips for blog writing tips for creatives, you can make your blog post enjoyable, engaging, and informative.

Here are some tips for you that will help make your blog posts easy to read. Whether you're a quilter, painter, designer, writer, artist, or something else, these tips will give you some extra direction in your writing.


1. Captivating Title

Your title is the first thing readers will see, so make sure it grabs their attention and above all complements the content of your blog writing.

Here are some title starters to get you started:

1. How To _____ In 5 Simple Steps

2. 5 Things To Do Before _____

3. 7 Types of _____

4. 3 Things To Help You _____ Faster

5. 10 Essentials For _____

For more see my free list of 20 Blog Starter Titles  


2. Let You Shine Through

Go ahead and write your blog how you talk, rather than how you wrote in English class. Besides I think it makes it much more fun and enjoyable to read. I love to hear different phrases and sayings used from people in different countries. Share a little insight into you and what you do too.

 Jo drawing tulips


3. Keep It Short And Sweet

Yep, keep it short and to the point, with easy to find takeaways. 300 words is enough, which is a relief especially since it was around 1200 words years ago. Now for those of you that are into storytelling, just make it fun or interesting and you’re good to go.


4. Use Subheadings

Subheadings are a great way to break up your content and make it more organized. They also help readers scan your post to find points that interest them.


5. Break It Up

Use those bullet points and white space. Don’t squish it all together. People are more likely to read points rather than a large paragraph. 2-3 sentences per paragraph is ideal.


6. Add All The Photos

This might actually take more time than writing the actual blog post. Make sure to use alt text on your photos too. Without a doubt add in all the photos, preferably your own, but go ahead and use stock photos if needed. (Keep all the extras for your Pinterest pins.)

Plain sketchbook with pretty pink fluffy flowers


7. Add A Call To Action

Don't forget to include a call to action at the end of your post. This could be anything from encouraging readers to leave a comment, emailing you, signing up for a freebie, to following you on Instagram. 


8. Proofread 

Finally, always make sure to read over your blog post’s writing before hitting the publish button, likely the last thing you want to do but very important. Read through your post a couple of times to check for spelling and grammar errors, until you’ve found all the mistakes. On this note please let me know if you ever see errors in my copy. Yes, that’s an invitation!


9. Have Fun!

Full confession, in the beginning I used to be daunted by that blank page, now I love it and can’t wait to add more blog posts and share what I’m learning and doing with you!

So there we go, overall writing a blog post as a creative can be a fun and engaging process if you keep these key blog writing tips in mind, add photos, keep it short, break it up, and have fun. Happy blogging!

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If you ever struggle to come up with blog post ideas check out my freebie: (There’s that call to action)

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Also if you get stuck with titles for your blog posts see my extensive list of title starters:

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