Doodle embroidery of Ruby an adorable Boston Terrier dog.

15 Hobbies For Introverts


15 Hobbies For Introverts

Hello! There are lots of great hobbies for introverts out there that are perfect for you, whether you're looking to explore a new creative pursuit, challenge your mind, or simply unwind with a good book. Let's look at some of the best hobbies for introverts. Whether you're are looking for something fun to do or because you revisit a hobby you used to have, I'm sure you'll find one of these to bring you joy.

Reasons To Choose A New Hobby

  • A way to relax
  • Recharge 
  • Express yourself
  • Be creative
  • Find joy
  • It's fun


15 Hobbies For Introverts

To begin with you might want to choose one hobby then add in another one or two. Here are 15 hobbies for introverts that you might enjoy:


#1 Puzzles

Doing puzzles solo or with someone is a great activity that challenges your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. You may want to choose an easier one then work you way up to 1000 piece puzzles.


#2 Photography

Taking photos can be a great way to explore and capture neat items and scenery. Above all, your photos just might inspire you for something big.

 Gush is bird berry tree blooms

#3 Reading

Fiction is a great way to escape to another time and place. Whereas in non fiction you will find loads of great self help, entrepreneur, and how to books. Here are a few of my favs:

 11 business and self help books


#4 Gardening 

Tending to a garden can be a meditative and therapeutic way to spend time outdoors or indoors. You'll be reminded of how nature takes it's time as well as the joy of growing plants and the surprises that they are. If you're not able to tend to your plants all summer I'm sure you could give your little seedling to a friend or neighbor. 

Pumpkin plant in windowsill

#5 Sewing

Let you creativity go wild with all the beautiful fabrics and fun patterns.

Sewing For Beginners:

How To Sew Pup Bandanas:

Black Pup in a white dog bandana sitting on grass


#6 Quilting

A handmade quilt is so very special and how wonderful would it feel to make your very own quilt. Start your quilting adventure here:

Beginner Quilt Course

To learn more about what you need to start quilting:

Must Haves For Modern Quilting

Triangle patchwork quilt


#7 Embroidery

What a sweet little hobby. Oh the fun you could have adding embroidery to everything!

Embroidery of Ruby the Boston Terrier


#8 Crochet

One of my past favorite hobbies. It was easy to learn with how to YouTube videos. Just choose a pattern then buy some yarn. This one one of my amigurumi pugs that I made. It got eaaten by a real dog :(

Pink crochet Dog


#9 Knitting

You can create any cozy item that you'd like big or small!


#10 Book Making

How fun would it be to make and hand bind your own books.


#11 Sketching

Ah, the joy of sketching from real life or your imagination!


#12 Painting

I should add more medias like chalk, inks, dyes, etc. Artistic pursuits like painting can be a great way to channel your colorful creativity. I made these mixed media bookmarks in Tara Mercer's online SkillShare class.

Painted mixed media bookmarks 


#13 Digital Art

A favorite of mine is drawing in Procreate. Let me know if you give this a try.


#14 Blogging

The modern way to write about anything you'd like to share. My blog is a mix of business and marketing tips for creative entrepreneurs and quilting.


#15 Online Course

Do you love to take online courses as much as I do!?! It's so fun to take courses in the comfort of your own home and connect with others that share your interests.


Remember, these are just a few suggestions. I hope you find a hobby here that you find enjoyable. To sum it up, the most important thing is to find one that allows you to recharge and feel energized, rather than drained, after spending time on it. 

Please drop me a line and share your favorite hobbies!

Until next time,


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